Granavollen winter drone image
  • Granavollen winter drone image
  • Hadeland Folkemuseum
  • Gamle Tingestad Kirke, Hadeland Folkemuseum
  • Telthuset at Granavollen
  • Sister churches, Granavollen. Inside the church
  • The sister churches, Granavollen inside the Nikolai church
  • The sister churches, exterior winter
  • Glasslåven Art Center, Granavollen

Daytrip from Oslo to historical Hadeland - Winter

What's Nearby

  1. Hadeland rundt (Demanding, 49 km)

    Full-day cycle tour in beautiful Hadeland

    102 m away
  2. Granavollen - Røykenvik (Medium, 26 km)

    A day trip along the sightseeing highlights of the Hadeland region

    102 m away
  3. Hiking to Sølvsberget Granavollen

    From Granavollen to Sølvsberget From Granavollen, the route leads via Gran…

    102 m away
  1. Pilegrimssenter Granavollen

    St. Olav Ways – the Pilgrim Paths to Trondheim After his death in the battle of…

    144 m away
  2. Fishing trip to Jarenvatnet, Vigga and Jevnakermarka

    Jarenvatnet and Vigga
    Jarenvatnet is well known for both pike fishing and ice fishing…

    1.18 km away
  3. Harestua - Granavollen / West (Medium, 32 km)

    In combination with route no. 6, this becomes a nice 2-day trip.

    1.39 km away
  4. Fishing trips in Lunner

    Fjellsjøen and Store Klattertjern
    Fjellsjøen and Store Klattertjern are two of the best…

    4.50 km away
  5. Hadeland – Rånåsen round trip

    This family-friendly walk takes you from Lia up to the hill of Rånåsen, a pleasant hike…

    5.37 km away
  6. Cycling adventures – Hadeland and Ringerike

    The Ringerike region and Hadeland offer plenty of opportunities for exploring the…

    5.68 km away
  7. Bird tower, Randsfjord Hadeland

    Translation in progress

    7.83 km away
  8. Cultural trail Grindvoll, Lunner

    Translation in progress

    7.95 km away
  9. Fishing trips to Gran Østås

    Gran Østås
    Fishing permit for sale at road barriers and at Gran Almenning, Maxbo in…

    8.36 km away
  10. Beaches in Gran municipality

    Gran municipality has established and maintains three beaches by lake Randsfjorden. …

    8.90 km away
  11. Brandbukampen

    This is a beautiful hike up to 522 meters above sea level where you get a stunning view…

    9.26 km away
  12. Biking at Lygna Hadeland

    Discover beautiful scenery in and around Lygna and Hadelandsåsene. Thanks to a…

    11.61 km away
  13. Totenåsenstien

    This product is awaiting translation, sorry for the inconvinience

    11.65 km away
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