1. A gentle ride along Mjøsa, mainly on tarmac but also on some gravel. Spectacular views and close proximity to the lake for large parts of the trip. { "time": "3 hours", "length": "39 km", "terrain": "Gravel", "difficulty": "Easy" }
  2. A ride along charming country lanes through a spectacular cultural landscape, with majestic manor farms and numerous attractions. { "time": "2 hours", "length": "27 km", "terrain": "Gravel", "difficulty": "Easy" }
  3. A short, undulating stretch following country lanes from one Mjøsa town to another. This leg has been kept short to leave time for plenty of exploring along the way. { "time": "2 hours", "length": "14 km", "terrain": "Gravel", "difficulty": "Easy" }
  4. An exciting leg of moderate length and with lots of cultural history along the way. { "time": "3 hours", "length": "45 km", "terrain": "Asphalt", "difficulty": "Easy" }
  5. A ride from Mjøsa town to Mjøsa town – with the occasional challenge along the way. { "time": "3 hours", "length": "46 km", "terrain": "Tamac", "difficulty": "Medium" }
  6. A hilly stretch, with one easy and one relatively demanding section. This part of the route takes you through the cultural landscape at Kapp and the tree-covered low mountain scenery of Totenåsen. { "time": "4 hours", "length": "55 km", "terrain": "Gravel", "difficulty": "Demanding" }
  7. A short and challenging stage through forests and hills. Todays adventure brings significant elevation gain and drop. { "time": "2 hours", "length": "13 km", "terrain": "Gravel", "difficulty": "Demanding" }
Moelv Brumunddal Gjøvik Lillehammer Hamar Skreia Kapp Tangen Minnesund Oslo Hurdal Mjøsa

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